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It’s moments like these that are why I love these guys.


Jeff and Vinny (unknowingly) referencing Persona 2


Noriyoshi Ohrai’s Heisei Godzilla posters
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I love these soooooooo much






This take seems to lionize the very thing the original Godzilla was trying to warn against, doesn’t it?

This is a good example of missing the point entirely. Godzilla was a metaphor for nuclear weapons - the idea that we had unleashed something in weaponizing the power of the atom that we could not contain, and that no amount of further weaponry could hope to defend against. I mean, there’s a reason all those tanks and jets and rockets can’t hurt Godzilla, folks, and it’s thematic, not biological.

Turning these same nuclear weapons (tests or actual use) into our attempts to defeat this beast which now appears to not be *our fault* is both deaf to the themes of the original and unsurprising.

It looks like they trying to go for a “nature’s revenge” angle, maybe. I don’t hold much hope.

Fuckers missed the point so hard they proved it.


And are they using (or strongly alluring to) Penderecki’s Threnody for the Victims of Hiroshima as a soundtrack in the trailer? Dafuq?! That’s fucking disgusting.



Monsters Hate The Golden Gate Bridge



Hey friends, I know this might seem like a huge pain in the ass, but you gotta change your passwords. This is one of the biggest internet security flaws in history and your personal data including your credit card info could be compromised. I had to change my Tumblr password TWICE today because of suspicious activity. This isn’t a joke. Before changing your passwords makes sure to check the above linked list on Mashable and make sure that the flaw has been patched on that specific sites AND THEN change your password. Also, if you have Gmail or are using Gmail for business, it’s a good idea to set up 2-step verification just to be extra safe.

Heartbleed looks like it’s serious business. Time to update your passwords, everyone, moving to 2-step verification wherever you can, and definitely consider picking up a complex password generator like KeePass. Keep your information safe!

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after hearing about it through the submission to @angryasiangirlsunited, i checked out the trailer of Lucy and am even more disgusted. and so not surprised. whiteness is getting too old.

the upcoming movie lucy will feature the age-old racist narrative of pure white woman (scarlet johansson) being violated by scary, brown men. and the new white feminist trope of women gaining their power by violently eliminating brown men. who needs the white male savior when we now have white female saviors, taking it into their own hands to save their whiteness from all that non-whiteness. so radical.

My favorite part are the white feminists who are raving about this movie because “strong independent woman yaaaas!!”


The… The movie takes place in Taiwan and the main villain is a white dude. Her best ally is a scientist that helps her figure out all this drugged out shit is Morgan Fucking Freeman. If you’re going to get mad about anything in this movie, get mad at the dumb as fuck, “We only use 10% of our brain bullshit”. Stop throwing the race card at everything and hoping something sticks.

This is as bad as when the Resident Evil 5 trailer came out and people called it racist because it was a white guy that was shooting black people who are fucking infected by a god damned parasite in Africa. If she was shooting just white dudes I’m sure I’d be seeing a shit ton of, “WAY TO WHITE WASH OUR CONTINENT AMERICA”.

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