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Bo Burnham - Repeat Stuff







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My issues with Sera’s promotional image

  1. Quiver on the wrong side - Quivers are of course there to make reloading a bow easier by having the arrows in an easy to reach place. Sera wears a classical back quiver, which is supposed to orientated depending on your draw hand. Even though Sera in the image is shown drawing with her right hand it is situated on her back for a lefty. Now granted she could probably reach all the way up over her head to grab an arrow but it is extremely impractical to do so.
  2. Bow string over her arm - This one I cannot think of any excuse for except that the artist made a mistake. To fire a bow like that you would have to cross your arms and bring your right palm up to your cheek bone. That’s not going to work out for you. If she wasn’t holding an arrow in a ready position, then whatever. You would never fire with the bow string over your arm since it would smack into your hand after firing.
  3. Arm Guard on bottom of arm - Arm guard is on the bottom of the arm. Arm guards are on the inside of your forearm to protect from string burn. 
  4. Bow made of bone - Recurve bows work because they are made out of material that bends. That’s where all the power comes from. Bone is not a flexible material. Older bows did use bone pieces to make the ends of the bow more durable. Like so: 

Another small complaint is that the arrow being drawn is not in the correct position. The way it is being held the fletching would hit the bow as it passes through and ruin her shot.

So those are my complaints about the image. It doesn’t make me angry or anything, it just seems kinda lazy. This does NOT mean I think the game/character is shit. Just an observation.

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