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Destiny’s Races

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If you are white and do not have it listed in your description/about AND don’t use an ‘i’m white tag’ when reblogging things regarding race/racism I am. Not trusting you.

yeah, put it in your sidebar.

also, please avoid posts about lateral racism (between poc) and anything that might distance you from your whiteness (‘this white classmate said ____,’ ‘white people are so ____,’ ‘white people need to ___’)

if you consider yourself a white ally, i’m expecting you to reblog this post

Oh yeah. Everyone should be forced to tag what race they are. Better yet we should start wearing symbols on their person so we know right away that they’re scum.

That’s a great plan.

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Crashsite-1 1K

An amazing piece of Destiny fan art by the way-too-talented Frank Hong. Head here for more on Destiny.

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