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My day is ruined.

I hate straight people.

Disgusting. How do people not realize that EVERY FUCKING DAY is a straight day? We’re already a majority, and we already fuck over LGBT+ people all the time. STOP TRYING TO USE YOUR PRIVILEGE TO TAKE OVER MORE RESOURCES, ASSHOLES.

what the fuck….like we need people to hear us talk about how straight the world is…its not like THATS THE ONLY THING IN THE MEDIA OR ANYTHING

like wtf.

I have always thought History/Heritage Months are dumb. Just because its a certain month, shouldn’t make you any less or more proud of your heritage. Then there’s all the shit with how things are racist or not. 

While there are plenty of reasons not to support this “Heterosexual Awareness Month”. The main one being the “Protecting Marriage” bit. You shouldn’t hate it because you believe, “Normal” people don’t need a month, while other groups do.

Isn’t one of the main points people push is that everyone is normal? Even if they’re gay, lesbian, trans, black, white, brown, WHATEVER. So everyone is normal. Why do we need these months? Why can’t one group have one but, the others can’t. 

Like I said, there are plenty of other reasons not to agree with the person. But saying that people shouldn’t get a month because they’re “normal”, sounds pretty bad.

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    Don’t get me wrong, I’m not heterophobic, but this seems silly. What is there really to be aware about? and why does it...
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    I wouldn’t hate this so much, if they weren’t acting like they are the victims of so many hate crimes. Like if you’re a...
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    “Give a respected political voice to heterosexuals” what?
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    This is fucking ridiculous.. The reason there is homosexual awareness is because we have been bullied, beaten, disowned,...
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    This can’t be serious…
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    ……I thought this was a joke, but nope. I am so very very saddened by this. I want to go punch out a breeder now.
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    People who don’t appreciate irony, oppression in their history or oppression in their present-day culture are often the...
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    this just can’t be real. also, isn’t this ‘Degrassi’?
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    Oh HELL to the no
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    can I die with you?^
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    Can I die now I just
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    They have some fucking nerve…
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    wow i hate people